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Digital for construction is becoming indispensable in all new construction projects. Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) professionals are becoming aware of the decision support tools and the power of this technology.

BIM in particular makes it possible to be much more efficient in the design, representation, management and costs of a project. Each career path is a strength, the world of construction and public works is nourished by atypical paths that evolve in the construction industry. Arsenio will allow you to add a digital dimension to your adventure in construction and real estate

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  • Face-to-face course Live video-conferencing
  • Adapted training A gateway to digital
  • Validating projects

Continuously accessible at any time

We have developed our own e-learning platform that includes the entire bootcamp program. Access dedicated courses and videos online and on all materials and consolidate your knowledge with thematic quizes at the end of each lesson. 

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  • Quiz and exercises The latest BIM
  • technologies A community of
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A rich and professionalizing program

 StrategyBIM Charter BIM ConventionBIM Call for tendersBIM  

This first course allows us to understand how BIM is defined and how it fits into a construction project. You will learn:

  • The evolution of the representation of a building and the technological breakthrough brought by the digital model.
  • Definition of BIM and the essential concepts of the digital model.
  • Know the levels of detail, information and development of BIM objects.
  • Exchange and interoperability formats in digital construction.
  • The tools and software that allow us to work with BIM.
  • BIM and its fundamental dimension: The exploitation of data.
  • The integration of BIM in a context of digitalization of cities and the transition to smart cities.

 Collaborative platform BIM Project management Project management Project management

Collaboration is at the heart of the BIM process, at each phase of a project. The organization of a digital project for construction requires know-how inherited from the building companies and IT project management. The essential conceptswill beaddressed:

  • Know how to choose a collaborative platform according to your needs
  • Understand agility in project management and its application in a BIM operation.
  • Understand the BIM processes for verifying and validating digital models.
  • Understand the integration of a library of external BIM objects in an optimal way
  • Know how to integrate parameters specific to the challenges of a project

 Design BIM Objects Architecture Family

We will see together how to work on the leading software in BIM design: Autodesk Revit, we will discuss the different steps of creating a digital model:

  • Getting started and installing Revit, its specificities and interface. 
  • Preparation of files prior to BIM modeling: coordinates, tree structure, units, codification, file import…
  • Creation of modeling grid, types of views: plan, elevation, 3D view.
  • Modeling of generic elements and families: walls, floors, ceiling, roofs…
  • Deepening on specific families: stairs, curtain walls, uprights, windows.
  • Creation of customized and tailor-made parametric families.
  • Organization of a BIM project on Revit: annotation families, parts, phasing, options.
  • Topography, sunshine and energy analysis.
  • Rendering of a BIM project: cartridges, detail plans, videos.
  • The steps of analysis of a BIM model.

 Collaboration Management Coordination Nomenclature

What better way to progress than to work together on a real project? Different partner construction companies will bring you the input data for the realization of a BIM model. With a group of 3 or 4 people, you will:

  • Model a digital model in a team from a set of plans and specifications.
  • Collaborate around a central digital model
  • Respect a BIM charter, a BIM convention on a real project
  • Present the digital model in cartridges for rendering.
  • Highlight specific elements according to the customer's needs: room surfaces, technical equipment, grids and shared levels… 

 DOE Digital Twin Introduction toAPI Code  

BIM is not just a digital model and 3D. It is also data that will be represented more simply thanks to a digital interface. You will be able to integrate a digital model for its exploitation, by immersing yourself in very powerful tools:

  • Understand the Digital Twin and digital DOE.
  • No-code to highlight data.
  • Automate tasks with visual programming with Dynamo
  • Know how to present the data of a digital model on a site in no-code.
  • APIs for BIM.
  • Use an API to present data on a Viewer.

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