Why Arsenio Boost – Circular Economy?

Currently, for the life cycle of a building from an environmental point of view, we are primarily interested in energy savings and post-construction maintenance. However, as the figures show, the environmental impact is greater from the construction phase. It is indeed essential to take into account the environmental impact and the circular economy at each stage of construction. In addition, the government is developing Trackwaste. It is a digital tool that aims to simplify the traceability of hazardous waste and to ensure the actors of the sector (especially producers). This is so that their partner companies have the necessary authorizations to collect, group and/or treat their hazardous waste.

From a legislative point of view, the transmission of information to this platform will be made mandatory to all waste stakeholders on 1 January 2022.

This requires knowing how to calculate this impact. In addition, each stage presents various issues that must also be taken into account. Today, the building sector is disrupted by regulatory, environmental and digital developments. Stakeholders want more transparency and reliability in the sector. 

Arsenio Boost wants to help the players in the sector to achieve these two objectives. 

This course will also present the solutions of Greentech construction players committed to reducing the environmental impact of the act of building. 

This bootcamp addresses the following challenges:

– Identify the different stages in the life cycle of a construction site and a building.

– Know the key figures of a construction site and know how to calculate the environmental impact of each stage.

– Identify recent developments and where they are leading the construction sector.

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