Why Arsenio Boost – BIM Modeling?

Digital professions for construction such as BIM modeling are in tension, and sorely lack talent from backgrounds traditionally far from French Tech. However, these professions make it possible to combine field jobs with the new possibilities offered by digital technology. Digital for construction is also becoming indispensable in all new construction projects.According to the engineering union Syntec, 27,000 BIM experts should be trained annually each year.

BIM in particular makes it possible to be much more efficient in the design, representation, management and costs of a project. We want to direct more talent towards training in tech professions in the world of construction. Arsenio Boost allows you to learn how to create a digital model, model a building, print plans and sections and generate 3D renderings.

This path will direct learners to longer training courses for positions (or become freelancers) of:

  • According to previous backgrounds: Product owner of digital solutions for the construction industry, Technico-commercial digital BTP, Chief Data Officer in a construction group…
  • BIM Manager, BIM Coordinator, BIM Modeler, BIM Computer Scientist, AMO BIM…

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